April 19, 2020

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Is laziness a sin?

Is laziness a sin?

Question: How serious is the sin of laziness? I consider myself lazy in the accomplishment of my obligations, even though I completed college classes with

Contraceptives side effects

Do contraceptives have side effects?

Question: Do contraceptives have side effects? Answer: New studies show growing concern  WASHINGTON, Saturday, January 15th, 2005 (Zenit.org) – While governments and family planning organizations

Is it always sinful to use drugs?

Question: I have several friends who use drugs; they say they don’t use heavy drugs but light ones and that it doesn’t do anything to

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Jesus, at the Right Hand of God

Question: A friend asked me, “How do you explain the statement that ‘(Jesus) is seated corporally at the right hand of the Father?’ In this